Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Graduate Aptitude Programme

The “Graduate Aptitude Programme is a fully paid 2 week programme by MOHE and UKM designed especially for UKM students which will:
    1. Prepare you with key employability skills so that employers will find you to be an asset to the company.
    2. Help you prepare yourself to serve a global economy
    3. Equip you with professional core values to meet the aspirations of the Nation’s New Economic Model.

This programme will be conducted after your final examinations. Accommodation and meals will be provided throughout this 2 week training programme.
We will be organising a Career Fair with many Multi-National companies and industry leaders upon completion of this programme. This will enable you to find the job of your choice with pre-qualified employers who are able to provide you with an enriching career path.
UKM’s delivery partner, Scicom Academy, has a track record of placing 98% of its graduates in MNC’s. Close to 70% of the graduates are now earning RM 2k and above.
All you need to do now is attend the briefing to secure your place in.

The briefing session has been scheduled as follows:

Date : 24 March, 2011 (Thursday)

Time : 3:00 PM
Venue: Dewan Multimedia, Fakulti Teknologi dan Sains Maklumat, UKM.
Please contact us at 03 2176 4888 if you have any questions.

p/s:Kawan2 TK Final Year FTSM, jom ramai2 kite pg briefing n join program ni~ ^__^ 



Anonymous said...

this is only for FST je ke yg?

M!$$ LaVeNdeR said...

no la..utk semua fakulti..sape2 je bole utk student ukm la..ukm tanggung semua perbelanjaan mkn,mnum,pengangkutan,penginapan etc.

Nur Misnan said...

nak join boleh
tapi dah tua.. keras otak hu3

Ap88 said...

i think this programme is good for fresh graduate like us who are excited to looking a jobs,,steady der ,,keep smile