Friday, February 25, 2011

kalau korang,percaye ke benda2 mcm ni?


tadi saye dapat emel dari sumbody.tapi bile tengok pade address emel tu,sangat meragukan.pastu xde lansung name emel recepient.Ni saye copy paste dari emel yang saye dapat tu.


I am Asliza Bt Kamaruddin, working here in England with gems and mineral Company. I will like to introduce you to this business in our company. I need your assistance, this will be a benefit for me and you financially. I am contacting you because I don’t want to lose this contract provided by our company because we both going to get a good profit from this business in the coming future. That’s why I’m requesting you to be the supplier to our company so that we can both take advantage of this business opportunity in our company now. Our company needs some one that can supply this product called (AQUEOUS HEZEMET FLUD)for a duration of is new chemical substance, its of lubricant, mainly used in the laboratory for the purification of diamonds clarity treatment, generally what this fluid does is to penetrate deep into diamond and vaporizes out black inclusions in Diamonds and other precious stones.

The original seller of these product is in Malaysia and the last supplier of this product to our company has finished his contract and our company is looking for any other person who can be able to supply the (AQUEOUS HEZEMET FLUD) in large quantity every 2months so to meet the demand of our consumers and merge into partnership with the company presently. The main reason why I am writing you seeking your interest for assistance, I just want you to act as an intermediary agent to stand the gap between the sellers of the product in Malaysia and our company. I only need your cooperation to make this business successful. I will give you more information about this if you are willing to stand as the agent to supply my company the product.

You will buy the product from the seller in Malaysia for USD2,100 per carton and you will resell it to my company for USD4,000 per carton, my company need 200 Cartons for a start. the profit margin will be shared by both of us 60% to you while 40% to me. Your major assistance for me is just for you to talk to my Director that you can supply Our company the product in large cartons. Please get back to me as soon as you receive my email if you are interested and willing to do business with me so that I can give you the local seller's contact in Malaysia so that you can contact her to confirm if she has this product in stock to supply to you. Before our company sends the purchasing manager down to Malaysia to purchase the product from you directly. Thanks for your co-operation and Waiting to read from you soon.


Bile abes je saye bace emel ni,terus teringat kes2 wanita Malaysia yang terperangkap tentang dadah kat penjara di luar negara.Agaknye kes2 emel macam ni kot.kalau korang, korang percaye ke??


hazari. said...

wah, tipu tak habis.

fazilaselamat said...

me also got the same e-mail. hoho. sah2 tipu and random je anta email.

M!$$ LaVeNdeR said...

hazari: kan?? tu yang kalo ade org yg pcaye btul2,trus tertipu.

ila: tah mane2 je die dpt emel.Die ingat kite senang ditipu ke~

Anonymous said...

setuju dgn komen2 di atas
zaman sekarang ni klu pecaye bulat2 mmg kne tpu

Hans (asaktor) said...

aku pn dapat...

aishah muhd... said...

huhu...aishah pun hari2 dapat emel mcm ni...xtaw dah nk block camne lg...