Sunday, September 23, 2012



Yohoooo!! I'm back! Bajet ade orang nak rindu kau ke? Bajet retiss leteww~ =.='

Btw, Its been long time rite? Yeah, I admit that I was sooooo super super superr busy right now~

Every week/month, travelling KL-Jb KL- Jb..

And guess what, I'm just back from bandar meow2 (Kuching)  last 2 weeks, attending for presentation & conference ..

Last week, just done with my research progress presentation.. need some more depth studies.. urrgghh..

And for this week, will be at Jb again.. working for my research..

whats next?

Ohh.. I'm working hard preparing for the 'event' ~Alhamdulillah, everything have been settled. Just a lil bit touch up until the day. Pray for me dear ~ :')

InsyaAllah. will be updating more soon.. ^_^

Yeah! be strong Nisa! You can do it!! Gambate! :')


Crew Fathi said...

Amboi... Semangatnya dia.. ^_^

misz Levinda said...

hehe..kene la semangat~ kalau tak,tak bergerak2 la keje.. :)